Monday, June 30, 2008

And on we go!

When I first started our family blog, I was convinced it would be useless and inhibited, and that I'd be struggling not only to find things to post about but to even figure out the technicalities of posting itself. Oddly, it hasn't been an awful experience at all, and, would you believe it, I'm actually crazy enough to have begun a second blog about all the things I make in feverish secrecy while the kids are sleeping. It would probably be simpler to post all these craft thingamajigs in that original blog but maybe it is a little presumptious to imagine that the people who read my family blog would be interested in the ins and outs of crafts, or that people who might like the things I make would care about what the kids did on which weekend wherever. Hence this experimental split - family stuff in the original blog and craft stuff in the new craft blog. Already I forsee problems - overlaps, for one, like when the kids and I do crafty things together on rainy or wintry days. Still, if I don't start somewhere, I never will. And so, here we go!