Patterns for Sale

These are ikatbag patterns available for purchase. Please read the following before purchasing the patterns:
  • These are instant-download pdf patterns. This means that when your payment is received, an email containing a download link will immediately be sent to your email inbox. When you are ready to download the pattern, click on the link and save the file to your computer before opening it. This way you can always retrieve it later. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam/junk folder. Or, if you used a different email address in the transaction, check the inbox for that email address- the download link will be sent to the email address you supplied in your purchase
  • In the past, some buyers have misunderstood that these are paper patterns, and have waited an unnecessarily long time for something to be delivered to them in the post before contacting me. These are pdf patterns which will come to you INSTANTLY as a download-able ELECTRONIC document that you will print out yourself. 
  • You will need the appropriate software and hardware to download and read them: Adobe Reader (or Preview on the iMac) or similar, as well as a printer to print out the templates and individual instructional pages, if desired. Download Adobe for free here.
  • Very detailed instructions and color photographs are included in all my patterns, so that you can learn new techniques even while working to finish the project. In spite of this, I would recommend that you possess at least intermediate sewing skills for most of these projects, unless it is otherwise stated on the pattern cover. I have included a brief summary of the specific skills needed in order to be comfortable working with each pattern. 
  • At present, I am not selling commercial licenses for these patterns. This means that the items made from these patterns are only for personal use and for gifts, and not for sale for profit. If you would like to make and sell them for fund-raising for charity, please contact me. 
  • Sometimes, even after several rounds of testing and editing, minor errors are found in my patterns. I correct them and replace the pattern file so that to the best of my knowledge, the version you purchase is the one most recently-edited. You can find a list of errata here. If you have purchased an older version of the pattern and would like the most recent one, please email me at and I will be happy to send you a link to download it. 
  • If you would like more information, background or photographs on the individual projects before buying them, please click on the individual links listed by pattern below, which will take you to their original posts. Otherwise, you can head directly to my pattern store at the e-junkie marketplace to find them all in one place. All prices listed are in USD.

ikatbag store @ e-junkie

Read more about each pattern:

Outgoing Mail 2-in-1 Pattern
47 pages of detailed text and full-color photo
instructions and templates to make two projects.
Build a Mailbox from a corrugated cardboard box
and additional scrap cardboard.
Sew a reversible fabric Mailbag
(suitable for most skill levels
including beginner seamstresses with
some familiarity with a sewing machine). 

Read the story here.
Buy the pattern $12.

Bunny & Carrot Pattern

49 pages of text and full-color photo 
instructions and templates. 
Be able to sew straight and curved seams, 
backstitch and do simple hand-stitching.
No zippers or buttonholes!

Read the story here.
Buy the pattern $16.

Mystery Party Printables

35 pages of templates, documents, artwork,
synopsis, solutions and instructions for
preparing for and executing
a mystery/detecting-themed activity 

as featured in our 2014 Mystery party. 

Read the story here and here.
Buy the pdf file $10.

Wizarding Party Printables

Templates and instructions for
constructing the six projects shown,
as featured in our 2016 Harry Potter party.
Some templates require simple drafting
- detailed instructions are included for this.

Read the story here and here.
Buy the pdf file $5.

Port & Sort Tote Pattern

Be able to sew straight and curved seams,
edge-stitch, and work with multiple layers.
Experience with inserting a zipper is helpful
but not necessary - the pattern contains
instructions for inserting a separating zipper. 

Read the story here and here.
Buy the pattern $12

MedHub Pattern
(an add-on pattern designed 
to work with Owie Dolls)

Be able to sew straight 
and (occasional) curved seams
and do simple hand-embroidery.
This pattern contains templates 
and instructions to make only
the interactive and collapsible MedHub; 
To make the Owie Doll, please purchase
the Owie Doll sewing pattern separately.

Read the story here.
Buy the pattern $8

Menagerie Pattern

Be able to sew straight and curved seams.
The pattern includes templates
and instructions to make
18 different stuffed animals
from one base template.

Read the story here and here

and see individual posts of each 
of the Menagerie animals here.
Buy the pattern $24.

Fairytale Doll Set Pattern

Be able to sew straight and curved seams, 
edge-stitch and attach bias binding. 
Experience with installing a zipper, 
making straps and constructing a pleat 
is useful but not necessary; the pattern 
includes instructions on all three and links 
to free tutorials for even more help. The 

pattern includes templates for the Basic Doll 
and the Basic Dress but not the instructions -
these can be found (free!) here and here
along with doll-making tips and techniques.

Read the story here and here.
Buy the pattern $18.

Bella Bag Pattern

Be able to sew straight and curved seams, 
attach straight edges to curved edges 
and topstitch. Detailed instructions included
 to make and attach piping, 
and construct lapped zippered pocket 
and zippered welt pocket.

 Read the story 
here, herehere and here.
 Buy the pattern $12

Lunch Bucket Pattern

Be able to sew straight and curved seams and
 attach straight edges to curved edges, 
make buttonholes, attach binding and topstitch. 
Detailed instructions on making 
and attaching piping included. 

Read the story.
Buy the pattern $10.

Pig & Piglets Pattern

Be able to sew around curves and make simple darts. The knowledge of inserting a zipper is an advantage but not necessary - instructions are included.

Read the story.
Buy the pattern $12.

Chicken & Chicks Pattern

 Be able to sew around curves, make simple darts and visualize 3D construction.

Read the story.
Buy the pattern $12.

Jam Tart Pattern

Be able to sew around curves and make simple darts. Suitable for beginners.

Read the story.
Buy the pattern $2.

Owie Doll Pattern
Multi-skill-level project: the different items in the Owie Doll set range from the very simple (e.g. sewing two layers of flat fabric together) to the more complicated (e.g. inserting zipper between two layers of fabric and batting). Experience with inserting zippers is an advantage but not necessary - instructions are provided.

Read the story.
Buy the pattern $18.

Katybag Pattern

Be able to sew around curves, 
work with interfacing, top-stitch and 
attach straight edges to curved edges. 
Experience with piping is an advantage 
but not necessary - instructions are provided.

Read the story.
Buy the pattern $6.

Toadstool House & Fairies Pattern

 Be able to sew around curves, 

attach straight edges to curved edges,
 visualize 3D construction, 
attach bias tape and work
with interfacing and rigid materials 

like plastic canvas.

Read the story.
Buy the pattern $12.