Monday, July 14, 2008

The Bib Lady

Finally, a post about sewing, which is my main crafting mode nowadays.
I am addicted to sewing bibs. Since I had my first child,
I've been sewing them - first for my own kids, and then,
as I amassed so many that I couldn't possibly use them all,
for friends. I've sold them to family for gifts for their friends
and I've sold them at a craft fair. It was at this craft fair that
I earned The Bib Lady nickname - it wasn't very widely used
but it was enough for me to think seriously about joining a
support group for bibaholics.

Here are two types of bibs - drool bibs for the younger infant
and regular meal bibs for the older child.

I made the drool bibs with miscellaneous fabric from my remnant box
- terry cloth on the back and knit in the front. And whatever bias tape
I had on hand which explains the slightly strange color combinations.
I've only made about 10 of these little bibs, and mainly to force myself
to embrace some variety

because my main bib obsession is really quite extreme -
I haven't dared count but I've made at least 200.
I cannot stop. I don't know how. Oh, I've tried.
Each time I shop for fabric (ostensibly for other projects)
I tell myself even before entering the store, "No more flannel.
No more bibs. We don't need any more bibs." and always
I leave with more bib fabric. They are filler projects between
the bigger or more time-consuming things I'm working on -
because they are so easy to make. And it's almost comforting
to know that when I'm in a sewing lull, there is always that
little stack of cut bib shapes to work on until something
exciting comes along again.

Boy bibs
Girl bibs I - flowers

Girl bibs II - garden theme

Girl bibs III - spots

Girl bibs IV - defies categorization

And yes, I have at least two more pieces of fabric 
for the next batch of bibs.


  1. So THAT's why you sent me about 20 bibs?

    Love what you did with the bib ovals! So clever ah, you!

  2. Last month, I did 25 of these assembly line style. My machine was having a little trouble with the velcro, though.

    We still use the ones you sent us!

  3. Jumped back here from today's post... and became curious. What did you do with the bib ovals? Something as clever as turning donut holes into caterpillars and clowns, but what?!? ;)

  4. K: this is what the neck ovals become:


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