Friday, July 4, 2008

Blog Etiquette I Appreciate

I wish I knew enough to write about what's right and wrong with regards to copyright, ethics or legal issues. I only know what I would and wouldn't like for my blog. And at the end of the day, it really all boils down to etiquette. So I thought I'd make a hopefully helpful list or two. Some of these are rather silly and self-explanatory, but they made me laugh when I listed them, so I left them in:

Things that are perfectly OK with me; no permission needed from me:
  • Putting ikatbag in your blogroll.
  • Subscribing to ikatbag in your aggregator e.g. google reader
  • Linking to ikatbag from your blog in some list, say, in your sidebar e.g. "Bizarre Blogs By The Mentally Unsound"
  • Linking to a particular ikatbag post in some list, say, in your sidebar e.g. "Bizarre Projects That Question A Person's Sanity"
  • Linking to a particular ikatbag post in your post e.g. "ikatbag made this bizarre thing today out of chicken wire, corn starch and a plastic pollypocket doll - check it out here"
  • Using the picture of my banner (the thing that has my blog name at the top of the blog) on your site and linking to it.
  • Writing about ikatbag or any of my projects or posts in your blog.
  • Calling the blog ikatbag or Ikatbag or Ikat Bag or ikat bag.
  • Calling me LiEr or Lier or Li Er or Li er. Or Lorraine. Or just "she". Or "her".
  • Using one or two of my photos for the purpose of linking back to my blog or post.
  • Pinning my images.
Things that are NOT OK with me:
  • Posting/publishing multiple photos, even with a link back to the post or blog. The point is if it begins to look like a sizable part of my post or tutorial is being reproduced on another site, that's not nice.
  • Posting/publishing photos with my children's faces in them - if you really want to use a photo with my kid's face in it, because it's sort of relevant, please email me to ask. I don't mind if you use a photo with my kid's foot or some other non-distinguising body part.
  • Posting/publishing any portion of my tutorial instructions (including printables) without informing me. This is in response to people lifting entire tutorials and "pasting" them on their sites, even with links. That's rude. Sometimes people even translate them into a different language. That's still rude.
  • Posting/publishing any portion of the prose I wrote e.g. the How To Buy Fabric With Small Children one.

Thank you all for understanding!

Updated March 20 2012


  1. well about "your not okay to sell" part, I was thinking about posting some tutorials on my blog as well. But I really mind somebody would steal my ideas and sell for business. On the other hand, people also want to post some free tutorials so that their blogs can have more followers. And how do you possibily know that your followers use your ideas and sell it?

  2. hi there,

    as you said it´s ok with u to post one pic on another (my) blog... i just wanted to let u know, that i´m going to do this now... couse i love your post about the "greengrocer etc." and i wanna share your fab. idea with my readers.
    im going to use one/two ideas from it for my latest project (a lemonade stand) you´re welcome to have a look and follow it...

    thanks again very much for sharing this very inspirering post.

    yours nancy

  3. What a fantastic list - I really like your practicality and sense of humour. As a fairly new blogger, I'm still learning - I tend to assume it is better to ask before linking to someone else's blog etc, but I appreciate it isn't always practical, especially when pinning or tweeting. This really helps spell out some of the basics.
    Oh, I will be pinning you on my Brilliant Blogs board and subscribing - I look forward to returning.



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