Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Dresses Part 2

The last of the pairs of spaghetti-strap shirred sundresses,
finished today. The mass-producing ends here.
Next week - a new pattern, or else, it's back to the bibs.

When we moved to our own house, mum gave me
almost all the ric-rac trims that she'd had from
before I was even born. Since then I've added some
of my own, like the one I used on today's dresses

but they are nothing like the subtle old vintage ones
from mum's (and grandma's before her) collection.
Two years ago when I was sewing these soft blocks/
cubes for baby gifts, I made this time-consuming version.

When I first began sewing people clothes - I must have
been 13? 14? - I wanted nothing to do with lace, ric-rac
trims or anything feminine like that. Those were for the dolls.
For real people (i.e. me), it was batik, ikat or nothing.
They say motherhood changes a person - don't I know it.
I shudder to think what I'd be sewing if I had boys.

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  1. hi lorraine

    lurve the dresses!

    so cute!

    rachael xxx


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