Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Dresses

Finished another pair of summer dresses today.
Different fabric, but same style as the first pair which
I posted pictures of here. The point of the summer dresses
is not to create a whole line of varied styles but to
mass-produce as many as I can before the summer is over.
No point wearing spaghetti-strap anythings in the winter,
I say. I have fabric to make just one more pair of these
simple dresses before finally moving on to a different pattern.
And by then it will be Halloween and I'll need to
bring out the fleece and make costumes instead!

An attempt at variation:

The highlight of my short sewing hour* this afternoon
was finally producing a decent blind stitch.
Sheer laziness was the impetus. I mean, I'd known
for a long time that the sewing machine was capable of it
and today, faced with the choice between old-fashioned
slip-hemming and a self-tutorial/experimenting, I chose the latter.
Optimistic but sadly naive - several wasted pieces of fabric
later, I gave in, muttering, and unearthed the manual.
Later I found a video tutorial here. Bah.

*Note: I sewed for an hour today but of course the dresses
were begun two days earlier. I hardly ever start and finish anything
on the same day anymore. Except maybe eating.


  1. Very pretty dresses! Love the fabric :) Pre-shirred?

    No REAL mom EVER finishes a project in one day! (Maybe TV moms and those with full time naqnnies and what not...but who cares about those?)

  2. Great job..! Those dresses are looking awesome and adorable. Keep on the good work.

  3. the dresses are great -- but those babies are OUTSTANDING!!!


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