Saturday, August 30, 2008

Two quick projects

Mum and Dad are here visiting so I've been busy hanging out 
with them. In the course of all our happy wanderings about town, 
the inconsistency of the kids' naps has left my sewing table slightly 
dusty from disuse. Still, kids must sleep at some point, so during 
those spare moments, I've been working on several unrelated small 
projects. Here's another batch of baby gifts for a friend-of-a-friend 
in Illinois, sent out just today. These were not made recently- I just 
picked them out them from my stash of stuff:

A fall linen dress for Emily's birthday. 
This was adapted from that peasant dress pattern in an earlier 
post in preparation for the cooler fall days ahead. 

More projects, pictures and tutorials coming soon 
- check back again soon.


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