Friday, September 26, 2008

Recent Acquisitions

Just finished some secret birthday projects yesterday so will do 
a post on them soon, once the birthday people have received their 
gifts. In the meantime, here is a short report on stuff I recently bought: 

Large spools of embroidery thread from a fabric warehouse that I
only patronize when someone can watch the kids. No point letting 
them see mom when she has absolutely no self-control. Up to this 
point, I have been using regular thread which has worked quite well. 
But these are so shiny! And a deal at $0.50 - $1 a spool!

The husband will out of the country for a few days for a work 
conference so to cope, I went fabric shopping at the local fabric 
store. It made me smile to think that in the old days when I was 
young(er) and chic(er), retail therapy for me was shoe shopping. 
Or clothes. Or CDs. 
Or something else that normal people liked a lot of. 

Pink fleece, chiffon and trim for Emily's halloween ballerina suit. 
Fleece! How many dancers do you know wear winter-weight 
fabrics on stage?

Fleece for baby blankets and other miscellaneous projects.

And more flannel for bibs, of course. Fabric therapy is not actually 
therapeutic without these. I must have looked slightly rabid because 
the store person measuring and cutting my fabric yesterday actually 
told me to stop buying these flannels. First she said, tactfully, 
"Wow, you're going to be busy," and no, she wasn't referring to Jenna 
and Kate in my shopping cart. Then, when my eyes glazed over, 
imagining the gratification of sewing close to a hundred bibs during 
the cold winter months, she said, "Why don't you come back when 
these (other fabric in my cart) are on sale? You have a lot to 
work with already."

Not even ashamed, let alone offended. It is hard for the 
unenlightened or those of sound mind to fathom. 
Some day bibs will rule the world. 


  1. What the store lady was doing is called 'Intervention'...but I totally understand.

    I have embroidery thread envy now...

  2. Well i just browsed the fabric warehouse website link and now I'm just plain envious.

  3. How silly! That fabric lady should move on to selling tires, I think.

    I once had a (Wal-mart) fabric cutter roll her eyes with great annoyance when she saw my stack. Obviously she had no inner fabric vein to tap into.


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