Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Still Sidetracked

3 days to Halloween and I am still doing Other Stuff. 
A friend is going through a difficult time now with some family 
changes, including a challenging baby situation, so I thought I'd 
stop working on Emily's costume midway and put together a 
package of stuff for her. Mostly food - tea, hot chocolate, chocolate 
and other hopefully healthy snacks. 

But also a crystal necklace for her

and one or two of these fleece blankets for her little one. 
This stack of blankets would have been twice as high had I not 
run out of woolly nylon. It was just as well, since I shouldn't have 
been serging fleece blankets by the tens when Emily's sad outfit 
was being pointedly ignored. 

Making the jewellery was also a nice diversion because I hadn't 
indulged in that particular pastime for about 5 years. But it was 
slow going, since I was so rusty. That, and I'm still using the 
old pliers from the home fix-it kit lying around the house.

I did work a bit on the costume today, though. 
Its pinkness might be getting to me, I think.


  1. pink or no, I can't wait to see Emily's costume!

  2. Me too, Jeet. But don't expect too much. Remember it is a ballerina in winter!


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