Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two things that took my breath away

First, a quilt giveaway. Check it out!
No, people, I am not giving this away. I wish I were giving this away 
but I can't even quilt. Haven't got the gift of or gene for patience. 
But I appreciate a beautiful project that takes as long as something 
like this does. And this gorgeous quilt (yes, a QUILT!) is being given 
away by Elizabeth at Pigtails and Snails. Leave a comment by Friday 
on her blog to enter. 

And here's something else that left me speechless when I first saw it 
earlier this week. A dress made entirely of selvedges - the parts of 
fabric that are usually tossed. But look what Jodie from 
Vintage Ric-Rac has done with it - it's recycling at its best, 
not to mention absolutely tasteful.


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