Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Operation Christmas Child Dolls

Earlier this week I finished these two ballerina dolls for our 
Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. We usually buy softies 
or dolls for our boxes but this year, good dolls were hard to find. 
So they had to be made. Didn't have muslin or fleece in a suitable 
color in the house so I used felt. Not my favorite material for 
machine-sewing, especially when there is so much turning-out to 
do but it worked. Didn't have a pattern so the Yellow Damsel is 
the experimental prototype. She had a few glitches, like weird hair 
and wavy arms so the Rainbow Maiden is the slightly improved version.

Their clothes and shoes are removable 
but they don't stand up by themselves very well.

Here they are working out in ballet class together:

First, stretching

Then some barrework


and a fancy finish.  

The dollies leave for better homes in late November when 
we drop off the shoeboxes. Emily and Jenna are sad to say 
goodbye and have asked for dolls for themselves for Christmas. 
I saved the final pattern so I can make more, just in case. 
Would anyone like to adopt a dolly? I am not going to start 
and etsy shop anytime soon, while the girls are still small 
but I'd consider doing the odd request every now and then. 
Email me if you are interested! 


  1. Bravo!
    However, they are not in pointe shoes? Also, they did not do plies in their stretching routine?
    Seriously, this is so cute - and I noticed you did not have them be emaciated. Well done on every level!

  2. Adorable little dolls. Thanks for sharing yet once again with your awesome ideas.

  3. Do you have a tutorial for these dolls or the owie dolls. They would really help my child express their feelings about my disabilities.


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