Monday, November 24, 2008

Recent Acquisitions

Disclaimer: this post is full of very poorly-lit photos. Sorry.

Stocked up again this week!

First, art materials. An art supply store was closing down and 
having a liquidation sale. So of course I had to go. By the time 
I got there, though, a lot of the really good stuff was gone. 
There was a full rack of art markers all at half price but I had 
the two younger kids with me so I didn't dare browse. I left 
with some entry-level oil pastels to replace the dried up bits 
I'd had since childhood.
When Christmas is over and we hunker down for that long 
frigid stretch before Spring, I should probably put aside 
sewing for a while to work on more art (and I use that term 
very loosely) for our very bare walls.

Next, fabric - but of course.

My first online purchase.

I much prefer the physical store experience but oilcloth 
was hard to find in stores. Plus, I didn't even know what 
oil cloth looked like. So many blogger folks are in love 
with it so I thought I'd buy some just to see what 
it was all about.

Hmmm. Plasticky. But soft. 

What in the world am I going to make from it? Still, that 
question has never stopped me hoarding fabric, so I'm 
not worried.

Some wool felt, in doll-skin colors. 

Again another miracle fabric that had captured the hearts 
of crafty folk everywhere. So I went and procured some on sale
Nice. And an extremely familiar texture. 
Came home and discovered that I had a large bag of 
remnants of this, in multiple colors, from when my 
grandmother used to make softies. Fun! So that's what it 
was called! Some of those remnants still retain the shapes 
where she'd cut animal heads and bodies years ago. 
Got a bit sentimental.

And some miscellaneous ribbon.
The Measuring Lady at the fabric store recognized me, 
unfortunately. She said, "I know you! You come a lot." 
Sigh - she doesn't know the half of it. I used to just 
be obsessed. Now I am also notorious. 


  1. We are all notorious for something.

  2. I can't believe that oilcloth is your 1st online purchase! Love the polka dots. You can also find oilcloth at Treadle Yardgoods on Grand in St Paul. You can make all sorts of stuff with it - art smocks, lunch bags, table clothes.... Have fun.


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