Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dress-up Box - Abracadabra!

A magician's top hat, wand and cloak.

The wand is a wooden dowel painted
with acrylic paint and varnish.

The top hat is double-layered felt
stiffened with interfacing.

It also has a secret compartment
- a very-obviously false bottom

so small magicians can pull all sorts of things out of it

and hide little friends inside that might want to make
grand appearances during their act

I think some little magicians might also enjoy doing little
tricks with their playsilks, but if they want something
with a little more glitz, there are these one-yard pieces of
metallic-sheen fabric. I thought of sewing one into a cloak
but that would leave less to the imagination, no?


  1. Man! This is a massive project! Why oh why wasn't my mother this creative? Haha. Better not tell Kimmy about your blogs.

  2. Thank goodness for blogs! Please never disable this one...I'm going to 'steal' a good many of your projects for my own child/children when she/they are of age :)

    I apologize in advance for all of that future pilfering!

  3. Oh dear goodness! I really want to make that hat for my son. I've been planning on a magic set for him (wand, mini play silk scarves, small pom poms, cups, etc...) But now, I feel, I NEED that hat. Unfortunately, I doubt I have time. Oh, the agony of it.

  4. ur hat is unbelieveable! the concept is just so cute. i'm sure the girls would have tons of fun pulling rabbits out from the hat. take pic when they do! abby

  5. What a brilliant idea! I can't wait to make one for my kids.

  6. Is there a pattern or tutorial for this hat? It's just too fun!


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