Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dress-up Box- Things for Little Royal Heads

So a little girl has to have some princess stuff to dress up
in. Mothers I know tell me that almost all little girls go
through a Princess phase. Since I have three little girls,
I imagine we're going to be hosting royal balls and parties
for a long, long time. Emily has a few Disney princess
dress-up items in her current stash and a plastic tiara from
a neighbor friend. Everything else she improvises.

So I sewed her some things to wear on her head
to help her imagination along:

A medieval princess hat

a felt tiara

and a bunch of felt crowns.

They have a short bit of elastic at the back to accommodate
both girls' heads. The elastic is encased in a variety of fabrics
- Thai silk, velour, satin - anything royal-ish.
The tiara is similarly adjustable.

These Waldorf-style felt crowns are all over the internet
- I used the pattern from this tutorial but modified it so
there'd be more crown and less elastic.

Jenna was kind enough to model the crowns for me one
day when Emily was in preschool. It is risky not to be able
to try the finished product on the girls to be sure of the fit.
But they sat nicely on Jenna's head with a little room to
spare so I think they'll be fine for Emily, too.

But I digress.

Unlike all those other Waldorf-style felt crowns on
the internet, these are not all 100% wool felt. I used what I
had at home and some (the felt my grandmother left me)
were wool, and the rest weren't. Yes, I could tell the
difference, particularly in the quality of the top-stitching:
But otherwise even the regular felt worked quite well.

I made extras for Christmas gifts, and not just for girls,
so some had buttons

and others had gems and trim.

The buttons and gems had to be hand-sewn onto
the finished crowns, so I did that at night, curled up
on the sofa while the husband read the papers.

I made nine in all, some to keep and some to give.

I went a little mad with the colors- can you tell?


  1. Um.... you need to open and etsy shop 3 years ago!

    Your stuff is amazing! We need to get you featured on "Today's Creative Blog". You could have hundreds of followers overnight. A post like this should not be going without comments! :-)

  2. I love your crowns. I saw this on another website, and I made some with my out of state grandchildren last month when I was visiting. They picked out the trims and felt colors. They cut out pieces of felt and I then sewed them on. Mine was not wool felt, but scraps that I had, and it was just single layered. It was fun for the kids and me. And, I used up some serious silver 2" trim on my 3 yo grandson's hat...don't forget he designed it. They loved doing it and loved playing with them. Next is the cape for their highnesses.

    I will make some more for gifts; but with a little more detail; but probably won't have as much fun as the ones done with the kids. Thanks for your inspirations.

  3. Love, love, love (!!!!) the crowns :) Too fun and cute! How did you make the medieval princess hat? It is exactly what I want to make for each guest to my daughters 4th birthday party (only 8 attendees :)

  4. There isn't even the tiniest crooked stitch (even in the zig-zags). Complete perfection.


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