Friday, December 12, 2008

Felt Board

More procrastinating - made a couple of felt boards last week. 
One for a friend and one for the girls. Thought of waiting till 
Christmas to present it to Emily and Jenna but they were 
restless last weekend and needed a distraction. 
So they got an early Christmas gift.

There are many different versions of felt boards to make 
- some are plywood, some felt mounted in a wall frame, 
some with no backing so they can be rolled up like mats, 
and some even on pizza boxes (for travel). Ingenious! 
Was too busy to make a tutorial, especially since there are 
so many excellent ones on blogs everywhere, 
but here's a quick description of what I did:

I used a 20" x 30" foam core board (1/4" thick) and sprayed one side with spray-on adhesive. Then I stuck on felt and left a 2" border to wrap around the other side. I sprayed adhesive on the other side, pressed the border down flat, then sprayed more adhesive over everything to attach a second color of felt, making a double sided board. This second piece of felt was bigger than the board, so I trimmed away the excess when it was dry. The edges and corners took a little UHU glue to ensure they really stayed stuck down.

So this board has a daytime side

and a night-time side.

Emily wanted to play Sunday School so here is Jonah 
getting swallowed by a big fish, watched by a relieved 
sailor on the boat he just left.

and here is the felt version of 
Ms. Potato Head, Cyclops Princess.

If you make this and want ideas for felt cutouts, 
try the felt board posts at 


  1. That's a big felt board!

    I've always wondered how well the felt pieces stayed on the board...the one I had as a child had a rough surface which 'gripped' the felt pieces (it was a store bought one).

    This is a great car-ride toy to have :)

  2. I love the idea of a day time side and a night time side. I want to make a travel size board for road trips and think I'll try to work that in. Great idea!


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