Friday, December 12, 2008

Outgoing Mail

We spent the morning today visiting the home of two friends 
and their little boys. They had some gifts for the girls and the 
mum, a very crafty person herself, made these delightful 
gift tags with her sons. Cute, cute, cute.

We brought her a felt board identical to the one the girls have. 
We assumed she wasn't a fabric hoarder like I am and supplied 
her with multicolored felt sheets and the land- and sea-scapes 
for future felt board activities. 

We also brought along another mail-drop cardboard mailbox 
and two small personal mailboxes for her boys. I enjoyed the 
construction process of these especially because Emily was 
with me making her own cardboard thing (a house). I had to 
interrupt my own project numerous times to cut tape, help 
her hold the walls of her house in place and squeeze glue for 
her but it was so much fun to watch her make something 
out of cardboard in the same manic way her mom does. 

Along with the cardboard stuff, we supplied 
two mailbags for the little mailmen

and a mail kit containing self-inking stamps, envelopes, 
index cards ("postcards"), square stickers ("stamps") and 
labels ("address labels"). Emily was very enthusiastic about 
demonstrating how everything worked 
and Kate ate some of the stickers.

Updated 2019 to add: in response to many requests for instructions to make the cardboard mailchute, there is now a 2-in-1 pattern you can purchase here. Included are instructions to make that mailchute as well as a fabric mailbag for mail carrier/post office pretend play!


  1. i sure am no fabric hoarder but did love all the lovely colors. the boys did too! taking time to ponder over what color to choose for what animal. & what wonderfully personalised mailbags. they carry them everywhere. sigh, how nice... thank u so much... A

  2. Thanks so much for your email. This mail kit is totally adorable! I put a link to this post into my post. I also plan to make such a mail kit when my girl gets a bit older. At the moment she probably would use it all up in a day! :-) Therefore I made a "reusable" mail kit out of felt. You can read about it here if you want to

    Have a great day!

  3. Do you have a tutorial on how to make the mail boxes?? I would love to make some of the things on your site for my daughter :)

    1. Unfortunately, I don't. Sorry about that.

    2. do you any tutorial's on the things you make????

  4. do you have a step by step tutorial on how to make the mailbox? my princess would love that!

  5. You are so clever and I can't wait to create some of your things for my preschool class especially the store. I would love to make this as well and would love a tutorial on how to do so. Thank you for all of the inspiration.

  6. I also would love a tutorial of how to make the mailbox.

    Please email me at

    1. I would also love to have step by step tuturial of the mailbox. Greetings fron Israel!!

    2. My mail is

    3. I would also love a tutorial of the mailbox if you have one! My email is

  7. I would also love to have a tutorial on the mailbox. Email me at

  8. I'm hoping for a mailbox tutorial as well. If you have one, please send it to me at Thanks!

  9. Is there a link for the large mailbox? I thought I saw one, but can not find it now. Thanks! My email us

  10. Could you email me a tutorial of the large mailbox please?
    Thank you!!

  11. Hi, I love love your ideas!!! I would love to see a video on how to make the large mail box. Would this be something you could do for me? Also do I need masking tape or could I use duct tape? Thanks for any and all help you can pass on

  12. Have you provided a mail box tutorial yet? I would love a tutorial/ description of how you created the mail box ! How wonderful and imaginative. I work with children with autism and since Christmas is coming we will be making holiday cards. How neat for them to be able to place it in a mailbox! If you would be open to sharing a tutorial or directions my e-mail is


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