Friday, December 12, 2008

Silhouette Pictures

Taking an intermission from the Dress-Up Box this week. 
With Christmas so soon, I really have no business being 
sidetracked but my sewing machine and I are wrestling 
with something especially challenging now (much 
gnashing of teeth) which makes me naturally want to 
start a hundred new projects simultaneously.

Mum and Dad are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary 
this Sunday so I made some silhouette pictures of the girls for 
them. The girls helped by posing (Kate was not cooperative) 
so I could take photos of their profiles.

I think there is something rather Alfred Hitchcock-ish 
about Kate's but I am assuming it's something all babies 
share. She looks better in real life!

Note: see sidebar under "Projects I'd Like to Do Someday" for a link to one of many tutorials on this.


  1. Yes! Alfred Hitchcock...tee hee but a cute one still :)

    What a great idea for presents to the grandparents! Did you make the frames too?

  2. Once again, I'm amazed and inspired by all your beautiful projects! I haven't commented since the Puppet Theater post but have been reading along as you filled the Dress-Up Box (the pieces are all wonderful but I especially love the Top Hat -- the fake bottom is ingenious. Now, will I remember this for next year when my nephew will be old enough to really enjoy one?). And the recent stuff - LOVE your mail stuff. I think I'll make that a project for the girls and I to work on in Jan/Feb. And the felt board -- something I've had in my mind to do. And the silhouettes -- what a great gift idea.

    Now that I've resuscitated my blog, I've been meaning to add a "Projects to do" list or something like that (i see you have one of those too!). But I'm afraid it will get overwhelmingly long, especially the more I visit you here! : )

    P.S. Did you use to live in Singapore? You mentioned it in one of the posts. That's where I was born!

    P.S. I too am curious about the frames...

  3. Hey there, thank you both for the lovely, uplifting comments! We had no internet for more than 24 hrs a couple of days ago - how is that possible in this day and age? Anyway, I did not make the frames - got them for 99c on clearance at Ikea. They are faux (I think) leather with plastic "glass". Therefore light, unbreakable and good for mailing overseas!

  4. This looks so great! I really should do this ... however, with only one child it won't make such a nice gallery! :-)


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