Wednesday, January 14, 2009

10 Things I Learned in 2008

  1. Shirring.
  2. The miracle that is fusible interfacing.
  3. But interfacing is still left in the dust by 600 denier nylon.
  4. Sewing through a flexible chopping board will not kill a sewing machine.
  5. The incredible talent of people in the craft blogosphere.
  6. The motherhood hormones are the same ones responsible for the increased urge to buy sewing machines.
  7. That I need a bias binding foot.
  8. There is a reason for why all the good fabric stores are all nowhere near my house.
  9. Posting tutorials in the pre-Christmas week is just plain daft.
  10. It is possible necessary to sew when one has two small children and one nursing newborn.


  1. Hey Lorraine!!

    I didn't know where to leave this so you could see and not sure if you've come across this but i saw this on Karen Cheng's blog today and thought it'd be a nice simple (for someone like you! Not me!) project you could do with the scraps of the donut felt!


  2. ooh here's another good one!

  3. Somday you will need to explain to me the use / differences of fusible interfacing, interfacing, what's the one that you sort of iron on the back of scratchy embroidery of tee shirts, the one used for iron-ons which are adhesive on both sides, etc.

    I walk into shops and I see rolls or sheets of these things which I get the feeling can and will be extremely useful but somehow the sales people are not able to clearly explain to me what is what.

    Oh, of course I could always try to find out on the net. But I forget (and am lazy) and only remember when in stores so I thought if I got convinced enough, I could buy them on the spot. I shall attempt to do so later in the day....research online I mean.

  4. Thanks, April! I am very sore that I don't have the time to do all that fun felt stuff. Grr. But the baby buds - now that is adorable!

  5. grr, i think i saw the same shirring tutorial as you. but here's one thing I learned in 2008: buying skinny elastic as mentioned in the tute is only the FIRST STEP. you do have to actually do the remaining steps if you want a shirred top/dress...

    Maybe 2009 will be the year of the shirring for me.

    I'm very curious about this 600 denier nylon now...

    And what is a bias binding foot...

    And I totally agree with you on this whole list, especially #10 except i'm thankfully not nursing anymore...


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