Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cardboard Wardrobe

Last week, we made a cardboard wardrobe
for Emily's doll clothes.

We waited till we had one of these,

turned it inside out and added shelves, excessively pink
wallpaper (leftover giftwrap from Christmas), aluminum foil
for a mirror and a dowel for a clothes rod. Turning it inside out
wasn't necessary but we like having bare brown cardboard on
the outside for the kids to decorate with markers. Or paint,
in this case. Emily painted it to give it a faux-distressed look.
I added the dots - dots are round and thus always fun.

Emily is slowly filling her wardrobe - slowly because she is
disorganized like me and my sewing room. She's also hinting
unsubtly for more handmade doll clothes.


  1. omg I LOVE this. So, so good - I would have killed for one of these when I was little.

  2. so fun. must make one! thanks for the idea.

    if you want to keep going with the doll furniture, my friend made a cute bed for us. here's the address to her blog where she talks about it and shows a few pictures:

    essentially, it's just some wide trim or fabric hot-glued around the edge of the container. then some batting cut the same size as the top, as well as some extra batting at one end to form a pillow bump, then covered with a piece of fabric that's larger than the cover, pulled over the edges and hot-glued underneath. (have to do this a little carefully so the top still closes properly on the container.) add a blanket and you've got a nice bed with storage underneath it...

  3. Thanks Karin! I went to visit Suzanne and left her a comment so I wouldn't feel like I'm lurking and stealing ideas. That doll bed is such a good idea -the fact that it stores clothes makes it one step better than any of the Real People Beds in our house. I know she got her inspiration from somewhere else but really, how do these people get these all-round-clever ideas?

  4. Thank you, thank you for the link. This is a whole lot nicer than I had imagined. Looks like Grandpa and I have a project to work on! Love it!


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