Friday, January 30, 2009

The Divine Bovine

Some gifts for a good friend's birthday- happy birthday, Eunice!

First, an unoriginal tree I copied from this book
which was a time-filler while waiting for some
hardware to arrive in the mail so I could make her
the Divinity Bovinity collection:

Eunice loves all things cow. We called her Walking Milk
in the days of our youth. She loves Gary Larson for his
interpretation of the cow psyche. She is glamorous and
funny like very few people can be who are not on drugs.

First, the handbag. In the last year I've become somewhat
fond of interfacing. Always knew it existed, seen mum use it
in her sewing but never was convinced of its merits. So
I did a bit of reading up and bought two different types-
craft fusible and heavy sew-in - to experiment with.

Put some in this handbag to make it stand up
all by itself. The bag has a black satin lining
with a concealed zippered pocket.

I've sewn handbags before but never with all the professional
metal stuff: magnetic clasps and purse feet!

A little coin purse with more of the black satin lining

and a padded eyeglass case with a pinch-frame.

This is not a vanity accessory. It is a triangle cow.
If you knew Eunice, you'd scream and say this is so her.
The idea came from this post on Karin's charming blog
- she's made other fabulous animals, too!

Quite a haul from just a half yard of cow cloth.


  1. Oh how lovely!!! And the name - Divinity Bovinity. Ha! So so clever - the whole lot of it!!!

  2. LOVE cow print!!!!!! I've been trying to find cow print seat covers for my car, but Jeff rolls his eyes whenever I mention it, and threatens not to drive the car. Haha! :p

    Love the handbag! It's brilliant! :)

  3. I miss cow. These are beautiful Raine. Truly excellent. I know cow will be absolutely over the moon, har har.


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