Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pineapple Tarts

Nothing new this week on the sewing front. After three days
of being visible, the sewing table is, sadly, again smothered
by notions and stacks of fabric waiting to be turned into
somethings wearable. Stuff is spilling to the floor...again.
My entire table is one great big Sewing In-Box, I think.

There are projects on the waiting list - some fun non-serious
(i.e. fast) sewing like little pouches and bags and softies
and some serious sewing like clothes for the girls.
Those might take a while because the patterns need
to be drafted. In three sizes.

And there's Chinese New Year, of course. So I let myself be
sidetracked for a couple of days to make some more
pineapple tarts to send home to family- a pair for each of the
auntie-uncle and cousin-cousin-in-law couples that
usually hang out at mum's, partaking of her marvelous feast.

When I finally bring myself to bake the real versions of these,
I'll link to the family blog where I'll post pictures - they
look a bit like these funny little pincushiony things!


  1. soo cute
    u can stick lil magnets on the back so you can stick them on the fridge!

  2. Wat a cool idea. Fridge magnets!

  3. hahah. for a split second, i thought you started baking the real stuff. but they look good enough to eat. or has kate got to try them already? ;P A


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