Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Emily has been horse-sitting lately.

Meet Strawberry
She does not belong to Emily - we made her for a
neighbor who's having a birthday party this Saturday.
Emily and Jenna both have stick horses (or hobby horses,
as I've learnt they are sometimes called) that I bought
last year when they were on sale. The handmade version
has been on my sidebar project list for yonks but I found
them in a store for less than $10 each, so I hardly blinked.

Still, I wanted to make one.

And last weekend the husband handed me a stack of his
old jeans, some which needed patching, and some from
which the patches would be taken. So I cut a pair up
and gave one leg a new life as a horse.

If anyone is interested, I started off with this tutorial,
which is a no-sew version. I am not keen on a lot of glue,
especially with tangly yarn, so I sewed
everything on except the eyes and nostrils.

Since this will be Emily's gift to her neighbor friend, she
got to pick the color. Pink (of course). We named her
Strawberry, after the horse in The Magician's Nephew
- for now. When she goes to her new home, she might
get another name, something like Theophilus Roquefort
Gorgonzola de Limburger IV, maybe.

Emily is turning out to be quite fond of Strawberry

and might find it a little hard to say goodbye this weekend.

So I've been thinking - there's another leg
left on that pair of jeans.
We could make her a unicorn.
He would be blue, not white.
But we could go a little crazy with his mane.
And we could call him Jewel.

Updated Feb 2011: Find the stick horse tutorial and pattern here.


  1. this is so adorable! I had a horse like this when I was a young girl and it was one of my favorite toys

  2. That is absolutely fantastic! As soon as I've finished commenting I'm off to investigate the link! Moogsmum emailed me the link to your blog the other day because she said it was so nice - and she was right! I'm totally in awe of the donut seller sets!

    Lucy x

  3. Another fabulous creation! So cute. And loved the way you wrote it up too! The bit at the end just cracked me up. I could just totally see it all happening the same in my house, down to the unicorn named Jewel.

    P.S. Made a unicorn costume for H last halloween. Turned out nice but I think my favorite part was the big snap I used on the hood, instead of velcro. Made it seem so... not home-made. And best part -- they still play with it now.

  4. Great work!!! We just finished one, inspired by your post, with my 4,5 year old girl. We had glue on eyes and nostrils, and pink yarn for hair... She named it "Vanilla", altough it is a dark blue denim horse. :) Thank you for the idea again. Love from Istanbul, Turkey.

  5. Thanks to you we now have a new family member! ;-)
    Meet Marzipan:


    Thanks so much for your help! And for your inspiratinal post!


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