Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where I Work

Cleaned up my work area yesterday. Unlike many other people
who like to start their year with spring cleaning, I did it
because we had an appraiser come visit us yesterday.
24 hours later, it still looks like a museum piece because
I haven't dared go near it to do any serious work there.
And while I am basking in my hypocritical neater-than-thou
state, I took some pictures because (pity)
it will
never look like this again.

So this is where I work. I've always liked sewing beside
a window because the daylight is so lovely to work in.
Also I like being able to look out into the distance and rest
my eyes from time to time. The table is counter-height:
it's nice to stand at and draft patterns or cut fabric.
The floor, though, is where I end up a lot of the time,
especially when working on biggish projects
like curtains and bedlinen.

The little storage shelf unit holds current projects
and fabric with a
known purpose. The closet behind the sewing table is where all the
rubbish is: reference books, old patterns, haberdashery,
rolls of velcro and my single, large tub of
without-a-known-purpose aka The Stash. The other closet in the main picture contains
arts and craft and office supplies, incidentally.

Not many exciting projects to post about this week.
Finished a collection of odd things for a good friend's
birthday so will post on that when she's received the parcel.
Today I mended the husband's jeans and serged some
terrycloth squares into face cloths for messy kid faces.
Tomorrow perhaps I will get started on the girls' winter
dresses. The patterns are half-drafted on scraps of brown
paper. Drafting the patterns is always slow for me because
they require concentration - and I am always distracted
by thoughts of chocolate muffins and mango salsa.


  1. Ha, when I read about your "single, large tub" and then saw the smallish tub at the top of the closet as I scrolled down, I thought, 'well, that tub isn't SO large...' then saw "the tub" as I continued scrolling. : )

    It's fun to see your work space. And I'm drooling over the multiple drawers full of thread. Mine still all fit in one tin box...

  2. Your so organized. I want to get to this level of organization, well done!


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