Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Full Stable

We had some new equine visitors this week.

This is Jewel -

one of a pair of twins -

and a couple of brand new horses - 
Strawberry II and her less-pink friend.

You know all about Strawberry already, but you might not 
have met Puzzle - he's a bit of a country cowboy horse.

They hung around downstairs in the sewing room for 
a few days while I was working on their bridles

and today they were finally all ready to go. 

There's a silent auction at Emily's preschool next week 
to raise money for their scholarship fund. We are giving 
Strawberry II, Puzzle and Jewel to them - hopefully some 
nice families will bid a princely sum and take them home. 
I'm quaking in the knees as I type this - and crossing my 
fingers that someone will want them at all. 
The kind husband and excited children think so, 
but I am suffering from the Night-Before-Craft-Sale Jitters.

Tomorrow we'll be handing them over to the committee 
in charge. Jewel's twin will be staying home with Emily, 
so she will probably survive the farewell ceremony. 
Speaking of surviving, them horses/unicorn might be 
bedding down in a school storeroom for the next week, 
so we're sending some food with them to tide them over 
till they get adopted. See this post for food pictures!


  1. These are adorable, I can't imagine someone not bidding on them. I love the food you are sending with them too!

  2. Must remember to not read your site when my children are nearby. "Mommy, can you make us a horse too?" says one. "And lots of food too?" says the other. Thankfully the third can't talk yet.

    I'm with MaryAnne - i can't imagine someone not bidding on them. With the extra details like the packaging and tags (plus the amazingly fine workmanship in general!), they look like something you'd find in an upscale children's toy boutique!

  3. I also can't imagine that noone will bid! I am quite sure that they will be the star of the day! I am not even a kid anymore - and I want one!:-(

  4. I left an award for you on my blog:

  5. I don't think you'll have to worry about them not being wanted - they're lovely.

  6. Just found your blog - boy I wish I had your energy and creativity when I had small children. You are awesome. Keep up the great work.

  7. Hello, I got tagged in a bag tag - and had to tag someone else ... ;-)
    So one of them is you! I hope that is alright. You can read about it here:

  8. Can you make these horses as favors for my daughters party if I pay you? - Nicole Swain


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