Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cardboard Easel

This cardboard easel is brilliant! Found it here at Maya Made 
and made two today out of one of the numerous cardboard 
boxes lying around our house. Very simple to construct, 
especially if you are starting out with a cardboard box with 
natural corners like I was - it took me only 10 minutes to 
put each of them together, from start to finish. Emily and 
Jenna spent a long, long time painting on them


  1. Two! How wonderful! I love that you whipped them up... and that they were instantly put to use. Thank you for inviting me to see... Please consider adding it to the maya*made designs flickr group... I'd love others to be inspired by your handiwork.

  2. This is brilliant! Thanks again for sharing this great idea. Will do this for summer. We spend so much time outside in the garden ... and it always takes so long to pick up all the art supplies that are scattered around after an afternoon outside. This will make it so much easier! :-)

  3. What a great idea. My daughter tends to ignore all easels and draw on the walls when I'm not looking, but maybe it's worth a shot...

    And yes, Mars Bars are FAR superior to the US Milk Ways...

  4. my question is how does one let one's little ones remotely close to paint indoors?!? or outdoors for that matter. my poor girls, whenever they ask to paint, I always say the same thing "When Daddy is home..." I need to learn to relax around pigment. tempera is washable, right?!?

    and I don't know where the mars/milky way statement came from, but just thought I'd add: you'd think a Snickers is a Snickers anywhere. but a German (European?) one is FAR superior to the ones made in the States.

  5. Thanks for all the comments, people! Those easels worked out very nicely and the best part is how long the girls stayed painting. Usually they last 5 minutes painting on the table and I'm rolling my eyes wondering why I bothered to spend four times as long setting up.

    Karin: I've been asked that before! I don't mind the mess. I'd rather they be painting than playing with clay at this stage. The two older ones seem to know where the brush goes but I think the youngest is going to be the one to watch. Already she is smearing the wall with spaghetti sauce so we've made her sit far away from the rest of us (and the wall) at mealtimes.

  6. what a fantastic way to recycle boxes. my kids would go nuts over this.


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