Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cardboard Oven - A Link

(photos from www.Parents.com, Aug 2004 issue)

I've had some questions about of the cardboard things 
I've made, particularly the oven. I misremembered that I 
got the idea from an issue of Family Fun magazine but it 
was actually from an old Parents magazine- sorry about 
that. Clearly I subscribe to too many magazines!
I was sorting through some old reading material in the 
nursery today and found the issue and the article. 
I also found the link online to it so am sharing 
it with you all today. There are six very engaging 
projects in it - the first three are a

and the other three are

Enjoy the instructions and ideas!
If anyone else has found other cardboard projects 
online or would like to share yours, let me know - 
let's start a cardboard revolution!

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  1. How fun! I just got an email from a friend asking about the cardboard closet I'd mentioned/started to make from a diaper box. So jumped over here to find the link for her, and wow! More cardboard stuff! Yay!


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