Thursday, March 26, 2009

Curing Myself

This has been a quiet week of routine colds, coughs, snow, 
and general slowness. Sewing has been going on, but not a 
lot of actual completing, largely because my current projects 
are complicated and, well, a bit silly. To distract myself, 
I thought I'd make more nursing covers, for more friends 
expecting spring babies. Which really was an excuse 
for another visit to the cloth, oops, I mean fabric, store. 
Considering how hard it is for me to buy all-purpose cotton 
in general, not to mention non-plain cotton (aka solids), 
I am proud to say I think I might have cured myself of my 
floral/print aversion. At the cutting table, the patron behind 
me asked, "so, what are you making?" I often cringe when 
asked this, because my answer is never politically-correct. 
So too, this instance, when I thoughtlessly blurted out, 
"nursing covers" and watched the smiles fade from the faces 
of the staff worker and the lovely patron who had so 
unsuspectingly engaged me in conversation.

Spent the next five minutes explaining, with growing 
discomfort, what nursing covers were. Polite nods, while 
they were no doubt thinking, "Another of them non-quilters 
got lost in our fabric section". The last time someone asked 
this question, I answered, "crowns!" and was met with 
the same blank, pitying response. Next time I am going 
to lie and say I am making a quilt or a tote.

Still, putting these together will be a nice distraction 
from the usual nonsense I am working on.

One last update - Bandit was found a few days ago, lurking 
in the shadows behind the bedroom mirror, none the worse 
for his long absence from general society. We found suitable 
accommodations for him until a trip can be made to the 
post office to return him to his new owner.

P.S. I know I am somewhat cheating by posting about 
non-events like this when I am supposed to be actually 
completing projects. Especially since the sun finally 
came out today after a whole week and I have nothing 
to take a picture of! Bah! Maybe next week, provided 
no one else gets sick (like me, I mean). 
Have a great weekend, all!


  1. I need someone like you to go to the fabric store with.

    "What are you making?"

    "pretend cloth diapers for baby dolls"
    "mermaid tails"
    "felt versions of our extended family"
    "a blue kangaroo"

  2. Well, Kitten and LiEr, it's not necessarily better when you answer "quilt" -- not when your stack includes various shades of non-coordinating greens (and browns and oranges, also somewhat clashing) as well as plaids, monkeys, polka dots, etc. : )

    But, oh L, your description of conversations with the cloth store ladies was so funny!

    And the bandit photo punchline made me laugh out loud!! Thanks for the extra endorphins tonight. Hope you stay healthy!!!

  3. Despite your so-called aversion, your choices are quite yummy! Proves that good taste is inherent and can't be taught :)

    you've been tagged!


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