Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We are (fingers crossed) finally on the mend so I get 
a bit of time off the daily nose-wiping/chicken-noodle-
soup-stirring/thermometer-wielding cycle to take a 
shower blog! There have been little ad-hoc, emergency
 projects going on at home for little ones feeling lousy, 
including a cardboard four-poster bed with curtains 
(all pink, so I'm refusing to take pictures) and fixing 
various broken toys and torn garments. An interesting 
learning experience last week involved plastic surgery on 
a beheaded dolly, the kind with a soft body and plastic 
head, hands and feet. Because she needed an entirely new 
body, I can now count among my list of dubious parenting 
skills, the enviable ability to graft plastic doll parts 
to anything made of fabric. Whee.

The nursing covers, all cut out, are still sitting in 
the WIP pile, as are the last of the winter dresses 
(nowhere near being cut out). I mean, why work on 
one or two projects when a person can be doing 
four hundred and thirty-seven?

Here is a little introduction to what 
I've been working on these past weeks:

Gorgeous, isn't it?

OK, maybe not so exciting in its raw state. But this 
high density foam is a mighty versatile material. And lots 
of fun to work with. It is sold by the inch/yard and can 
cost a fair bit. Fortunately, you rarely need a whole yard 
for a single project (unless you are making a mattress!) and 
if you wait for a sale, you can usually buy just what you 
need without sacrificing the week's groceries to afford it. 
I buy the 3" foam from JoAnn and only when it's half-price. 

Over the next week(s) I'll be posting some ideas for five foam 
projects, as well as alternatives which might be faster, cheaper, 
or both. Some of these projects are conventional, some are 
frivolous over-the-top and some are just plain silly. I'll include 
free patterns wherever I can and printable tutorials for those 
who prefer some step-by-step motivation. Hopefully we'll get 
some decent weather soon so I can take pictures - check back soon!


  1. I always have tons of half-finished projects going too...

    I'm really curious to see what you're making with the foam!

  2. Hi L-- had to laugh when I read the projects bit. I was just saying that very same thing to another friend o' mine. I've been contemplating writing out a list of all my WIPs, but I'm too scared to see it (and my inability to focus and follow-through) all in one place! Plus I'm not sure I'd actually finish it either, leaving yet ANOTHER "project" to finish. : )

    I'm with MaryAnne - can't wait to see your use of foam...


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