Thursday, March 12, 2009

How To Make A Cardboard Bulb Holder

You will need
  • A piece of cardboard folded into a rectangular tube
  • Small bits of aluminum foil

First, fold the cardboard so that it makes
a four-sided box with open ends.

Make a hole in one of big sides for the bulb.
The bulb should fit very snugly.

Glue aluminum foil over the hole, covering it.
Stick aluminum foil on the inner surface
of the other big side.

Tape the short ends of the box together.
Poke the bulb through the hole, piercing the foil cover.
The upper layer of foil touches the bulb casing and
the lower layer of foil touches the bottom of the bulb.

Note: To connect the bulb holder in the circuit, have one
wire touching the upper foil layer and another wire
touching the lower foil layer. Tape down the wire ends
to the respective foil layers to secure.


  1. Thats great. Its easy now to create a bulb holder

  2. LiEr, you are brilliant! I love how you turn anything into something "createable" with really simple supplies and concepts! Who knew I could make this stuff from absolute scratch?? Thanks for this wonderful blog, which I've been following for a while..

  3. i'm a teacher but u r absolutely great!

  4. the foil must touch tje upper termnal of the bulb , but it is not touching that howshall i do it ?????

  5. @cyberdude
    Do you mean the metal collar of the bulb? Could be that the hole you made for the bulb to "sit" in is too large/loose. You could lay another layer of foil on the top surface of the bulb holder, but don't cut a hole for the bulb. It just needs to be bigger than the hole. Lightly glue this second foil layer on, so it's touching the foil layer underneath. Then poke the bulb through this layer, through the already-made hole in the lower layer - this should give you a snugger fit.

  6. no its not working.....
    what shall i do now???
    i did what u mentioned in the steps above and in the comment too.....
    but to no help....
    pls help.

  7. thank you! I will try this with my 12 year-old technology students. Bulb holders are very expensive and I think this will help us carry out our projects in a much more ingenious and cheaper way.


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