Monday, March 2, 2009

Nurse Nancy

The girls have always loved playing doctor at home but 
recently, this book has swayed them towards the more 
nurturing side of the medical profession:

Many an afternoon has been spent desperately trying 
to recreate scenes from pages like these. The guest bedroom 
is the triage room full of dolls-on-their-deathbed. Once when 
I had a real cut on my finger, I got to be a patient and 
lie down (hurrah!) just to get a band-aid.

This week I finished some nurse aprons and hats. 
They are inspired by the Nancy's own - she wears a 
white apron over the cutest little striped blue dress but 
ours attempted to combine both.

The girls got right to work.

It eventually evolved into the version Jenna is wearing, 
but because I liked Emily's personalized version so much, 
I didn't make her a replacement.

Here's the pattern for Jenna's cap, 
if anyone wants to make their own:

and some different views of the outfit in lieu of an actual tutorial.





  1. Such cute outfits! Just gorgeous! You did an awesome job!!!

  2. oh so, so adorable!! I really love the blue too, it looks stunning.

  3. Aww! That's so adorable. Thanks for including the pattern too!!!

  4. They are great outfits!!
    I found your blog whilst looking for ideas to make some dress up clothes for my boys - you have the best ideas i have seen.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving my first comment :))
    i just started typing my ideas for boys dress ups to let u know my ideas that perhaps you could make for ur nephews - but it was becoming a very long comment so i will post it on my blog (prob Monday cause going away for weekend)
    i have found a few links of other peoples ideas as well so i will add them as well. Hopefully you and anyone else will find some ideas
    I have found that if i use cotton for most things (like Doctors coat and construction vest) the boys can wear it outside in summer without too much worry about the heat. Also makes the cost of overall project cheap as the cotton material comes in plenty of colours and is usually on $4 a metre (Australian) and regularly on sale for half that!

  6. so so so cute. totally captures the spirit of Golden Book illustrations.

    and one of these days I WILL try te elastic-in-bobbin shirring thing. i've been meaning to for ages (did you see the tute on just tutes?) -- even bought the elastic finally recently, but it seems like it should be hard, tho' the directions sounded so easy. is it hard? or is my fear and trembling totally unfounded?

  7. Karin- re: shirring. I haven't shirred more than two rows. It really is easy but that's not the reason I stopped at two. I was lazy. I've only shirred the hems of puffed sleeves and the nurse's cap. I can't bring myself to shir an entire bodice of, say, 20 lines. Maybe I'll do it in the summer just to make myself not be lazy. But I want to re-learn smocking someday. I've completely forgotten how to do it. Now that would be worth seeing on an entire bodice.

  8. I love this! I am going to give my daughter a nurse/doctor kit for her birthday and this will be perfect to go with it! I linked to it!

  9. Oh you are wonderful! I love these aprons and hats. Thank you for sharing you idea with me. I might have to make my own version based upon these. So much simpler than sewing the actual dress. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing the hat pattern as well. I'd be lost without you.

  10. I just finished my little Nurse Nancy Costume. I linked back to your blog for your hat pattern. I also borrowed your pic of the cover of the Nurse Nancy book. Thanks so much!

  11. Nurse Nancy is my 6 year old's favorite book, except maybe for Dr. Dan, the Bandage Man. I actually found this trying to find a paper nurse hat pattern for the StoryBook Character Parade at school tomorrow. I've made her a blue cape and have a white apron with a blue cross. :-)
    Love these little outfits!


  12. Thanks so much for sharing this pattern. My daughter's Nurse Nancy costume (crude iteration of Oliver + S Puppet Show dress in navy/white seersucker) is lacking a cap and apron. She'll be thrilled to complete her collection.

  13. These are just the cutest outfits. I remember reading Nurse Nancy as a child.

  14. I have to say thank you!!! This blog post was my inspiration when looking for a Nurse's costume to make for my niece. I had never heard of Nurse Nancy until reading this post, so I owe all thanks to you. I used your hat pattern to make the cap. You can check it out if you want at this link I made sure to link back to your post. :) Thank you again!


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