Thursday, March 19, 2009

Triangle Toys and a Treat

Back to some sewing finally - 
made these triangle toys this week:

Clockwise from top left:
Cottontail, Flypaper, Sting and Bandit.

Yes- that is a fly on the frog's tongue.

I first saw them here on Karin's blog (check out Bob the 
Beaver here too!) and made Eunice's triangle cow because 
I was so tickled by the concept of pyramid creatures. 
These originated here and spawned quite a few creative 
variations. I like these because, in addition to being fast to 
put together, they have that open-endedness that allows 
for dozens of interpretations. If I ever realize my dream of 
teaching people to sew (someday!), this might be one of 
their projects - design your own triangle toy, execute, 
name, and hand it in for a "grade".  

Speaking of triangle toys, guess who came to visit today? 
A real visit, I mean - not the virtual-blog-kind.

And her wonderful girls!

Kate, having gotten crabby, was taking a nap when 
this picture was taken. I am simultaneously bemused and 
grateful that we met in Blogland and found our way into 
the Real World. Our girls are similar enough in age that 
today's playdate turned out rather fabulous. What a treat 
for Emily, Jenna and Kate to have new friends and playmates 
over. And what a treat for me to make a friend-and-
kindred-spirit out of a blog-commentee! 
Life never ceases to surprise me.

The triangle toys went home with Karin today. Well, three 
of the four did, anyway. Bandit was a bit too successful in 
his game of hide-and-seek with the girls and is still at 
large in our house. He'll make his way to Karin's 
by post when it at last occurs to him the game is over.


  1. you captured our day so wonderfully in pictures and words, LiEr. Thank you for hosting such a great great "playdate" for all 4 of us!

    And the softies are SO SO SO cute!!!

  2. Hi! i found your blog today, it´s great! i like your little lamp tutorial (last year i´ve made a set of two real lamps, one died because my kitty REALLY likes wire, she was playing and the lamp fell and died, and the other lamp suddenly stopped lamping - i think i need to practice my lamp skills)
    you may find lots of mistakes in this comment, that is because i´m learning english :o)I also like the triangle guys :o)


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