Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Very Quick Dress

Two days ago I made this dress-up dress for Emily. 
It is called a Magistrate's Dress and I found it here
made by Rowena. This is by far the fastest dress I 
have ever made. I cut and sewed it within an hour, 
even with children pulling on various parts of me during. 
Rowena recommended using a stretchy fabric and I used 
crushed panne velvet but velour, knit, stretch velvet and 
anything that drapes well and has a bit of stretch will 
work. I didn't have any suitable trim for the sleeves or 
neckline so I used some regular white fleece and cut 
strips of it to trim the sleeves. The neckline was trimmed 
with some odd fleecy bias tape that seemed to match. 
The bottom hem of the dress is completely unfinished 
because I decided it was too much work for just a 
dress-up dress. Go try Rowena's tutorial - 
it is really fast to put together!

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