Saturday, April 25, 2009

A bit of luck

Giveaways are such fun! Pity I never win anything, though. 

Last month, the long thread hosted a giveaway by etsy 
sellers and I won this gorgeous organic wooden hippo 
teething toy! It is from Little Alouette who makes beautiful, 
beautiful wooden toys. Our little Kate got to keep it because 
she is the only one of us at home who still has bare gums, 
but it was also a wonderfully timely gift for her birthday. 
Am going to wrest it from her soon and put it by my 
sewing window for the trophy it is.
Thank you, Little Alouette and the long thread!

Then a couple of days ago, I won a giveaway on 
my measuring tape! A child's clothes pattern! 
So now I have one less to draft myself! A bit of shameless 
plugging here because Jen, whose blog it is, is one of my 
oldest friends - we were in school together since we 
were 9. She custom-makes clothes for people, and 
among these, corsets. Corsets, people! Stunning 
handiwork. Go visit her blog - she's newly put up 
a free pattern and tutorial for a little girl's dress. 

Then as of today, the wallet is coming together with 
hardly any unpicking or head-banging. 
Suspiciously unusual. 

Also today all three children took naps simultaneously. 
And were not grumpy when they woke up!


So am all in a dither now from this sudden lucky streak. 
In fact, I feel so lucky that I might even consider trying 
baking yeast bread again. Whenever I think I'm being 
Mother and Homemaker Extraordinaire, I bake yeast 
bread and my head very quickly and effectively deflates. 
No more, though - this lucky streak will end the 
humiliation of flat starters and expired dough! 
Tra la la! 

But back to earth now - I am grateful. For the 
generosity of crafty people out there, for the courage 
it takes to share one's stuff with other eyes, 
for the kindness of readers who raise their eyebrows 
and say nice things anyway. And for my husband whose 
work lets me be unemployed so I can keep doing what I 
rather like! Can't guarantee anything, given the state of 
things around here, but I'm hoping to get my own 
giveaway ready to go by the end of next week and I 
promise it will not be yeast bread.

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  1. All three children napped simultaneously AND were not grumpy when they woke up? Wow! I wonder if that will ever happen for me when I have three - not sure it's ever happened with two. Simultaneous napping, occasionally when the stars align. Mutual cheerfulness upon awakening? Never.


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