Monday, April 6, 2009

Cardboard Cake

This is the cardboard variation of the Cake - 
it is much, much faster to make!

If you cut a little "X" in the top of each slice, candles can be 
inserted.The candles themselves are so much fun for the 
kids to put together. We did two types: twisted chenille stems 
(aka pipe cleaners) and a popsicle stick, with sticky craft foam 
for the flame. Other candle ideas: short pencil, straws, short 
dowels, old marker, uncooked spaghetti/fettucine, and 
even a candle cut out of cardboard.

The kids got to frost their cake pieces with markers and top 
them with foam sticky 'fondant' shapes. If I'd had the courage 
to let them loose with their glitter glue tubes, 
those would have been rather nice, too.

Now for the patterns. Here is a printable one-piece one for 
cardstock. For these, make 8 pieces to make up a whole cake. 
The cake slices we made today were extra-thick corrugated 
cardboard (we had that lying around), which was far too 
thick to fold, so I cut the sides as individual pieces 
and glued them together.

For a smaller cake with 12 pieces, try this pattern 
from Better Homes and Gardens.

And if you aren't in the mood for the whole print-trace-cut 
thing, you could buy them as cake- slice favor boxes from 
cake decorating stores and online. Or gatecrash a wedding 
and collect the leftovers (not that I recommend it).



  1. Definitely saving this for the next birthday party at our house...

  2. Another homerun, LiEr!! This one, I think I could squeeze in today -- I must have old cereal boxes somewhere...

    P.S. Did I already tell you too how much I love the new pattern/tutorial/instruction picture things?

  3. So cute. I'm an American living in Ukraine and I work with kids a lot so this would be a great craft for them. Thanks.

  4. Moslty these cardboard stuff are use for kids because they love like these stuffs. Cake that you share in this post look like a cardboard boxes really amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  5. hi, i am planning to work on a cake but its for 60 people, will this pattern work for a 4 teer cake ?

  6. is this pattern for a 12 piece round cake?


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