Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cardboard Lemonade Stand

We made a cardboard lemonade stand yesterday and put 
it out on our deck today for business. I use the term 
"business" loosely because the small vendor was really 
only interested in pouring liquid from cup to cup and 
back into the jug. Good thing it was water, not lemonade. 
Good thing also that we added one important feature to 
the original pattern: strips of transparent mail tape over 
the table surface to waterproof it. Here she is posing 
innocently before she started to play.

The original pattern came from an old issue of Parents 
magazine, which I posted about here. Emily found the 
magazine last week and was desperate to make it. She 
painstakingly wrapped the four posts with tissue paper 
strips to show her commitment to 
collaborating on its construction.

We threw out the play water and refilled the jug for Emily to 
have a turn. There was no actual lemonade involved today 
afterall but we had some of the neighborhood kids stop by 
to play, so it was nice to be able to offer them a calorie-less 
drink, along with some snacks. And we didn't charge 
them a cent - the aforementioned small vendor 
was very generous!

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  1. Oh! very very nice!
    You've got very very good ideas, and you realise them magnificaly!


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