Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day Cardboard Revolution

Maybe not really a revolution yet, but a person can dream..........

Anyway, I thought I'd commemorate Earth Day by shouting out about some of the recent cardboard creations I've seen at some of my newly-favorite blogs.

Kitten Muffin at Filth Wizardry made, among other spectacular cardboard things, a very clever pizza, beautiful  flowers and vases, ingenious carwash, and giant rocketship that I covet but have been banned from making by husband because I reached the space limit in our house several cardboard projects ago. Sad. 

MaryAnne at Thrifty Craft Mama made some marvelous cardboard furnishings for kids and dolls, including a washer/dryer, a fridge, doll beds and a classic and simple birds-eye-view dollhouse for peg dolls.

My current cardboard favorite by Karin at made by k is this unbelievable cardboard model of her nursery

maya*made's cardboard easel is one I've used over and over and over with the kids.

See this ingenious cardboard weaving loom that I want to make someday, at CraftStylish.

And here's my bit to start a cardboard revolution - some links back to old cardboard posts - boomerang,  TV, doll bunk bed, traffic signal lights, cake, box of dirtcar, mailbox, doll wardrobe and some other things to make with a box.

What can you find in a box?


  1. Brilliant post, I love cardboard! Your blog is always very inspiring :)

    I had to laugh, because my husband has also banned me from making Kitten Muffin's rocketship.

    Karin's cardboard nursery model is stunning.

    Thanks for linking me!

  2. Such great great links!! Thanks for introducing me to all these talented gals, L!

    But had to laugh at mine -- the nursery is your favorite one by me because it's the ONLY one by me! : ) Must post some others soon, ones that I've made recently, as a mom of 3 little ones, rather than back then when I was a first-time mom-to-be with loads of time on her hands...

    Off to take some pictures.

    Oh, and I'm in the rocketship banned by husband camp too. : )

  3. No way! I guess kittenmuffinman deserves some kudos for permitting the monumental obstructions in our livingroom. I think maybe he is ok with them as long as they are big enough for him to fit in too.

    We've managed to crowbar in an almost complete Thomas the tank engine, despite the fact the rocketship will not die. It's getting themeparktastic in here. The aquarium was lost in the last volcano.

    Big love for the link love LiEr! I adore your blog and seeing the things you and the other blogladieeez make from cardboard.

  4. I love your ideas. This is one of my favorite blogs to read. I love all your felt/foam/cardboard concoctions!

    There is a Super Award waiting for you at my blog. :) Come check it out when you have a chance.

  5. Just found your blog while searching upcycling projects and LOVE all the cardboard goodness!

  6. Ever read the story "Not a Box"? You'd love it!

    1. Anonymous: Yes, I have, with the kids! We DO love it!

  7. Just found your blog recently and absolutely love it! I'm so happy there is someone else out there who loves cardboard as much as I do. Your crafts are amazing.

  8. Hello, I saw once an ankylosaurus tail made out of a cardboard box and I can't find it any where :( My son would be over the moon if I find it make it for him. I'd appreciate any info. Thanks a bunch!

  9. What about this?


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