Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fabric Labels

Finally, finally got down to making some fabric labels. 
These will no doubt come in very useful for advertising 
and marketing when the day eventually comes to sell the 
stuff I make. But you'll laugh when I tell you the real 
motivation for getting them done! It's those shorts I sew 
for the girls - they can't tell the front from the back and 
are forever asking me if they've worn them right. I guess 
they've been trained to recognize the backs of lower 
garments by the store labels usually sewn in the seam or 
tucked under the waistband, but mum's shorts.... well, 
talk about taking independent dressing several steps back.

So this summer's shorts will leave no room for doubt - 
they should bring the same level of developmental 
security as those from Target!

But back to the labels themselves - there are several 
tutorials out there for making them and I used this one
Very easy. As a related project, I also finally made some 
handwriting fonts here for the labels. Which means I can 
now also type letters to friends and pretend I wrote them! 
Which I actually did..... actually..... Hmm.  


  1. Cool idea! I printed out a load of labels on tshirt transfer paper to put on the baby doll diapers I mailed out as Christmas gifts last year, but I just ironed them straight onto the diapers. I never thought to make labels. That would avoid the hassle of getting the iron out each time you make something. Also, I have to learn more about sewing patterns. The clothes you make for your kids really delight me.

  2. Well, I never thought of actually MAKING these! I like the idea of using twill tape rather than ribbon.

    Part of the reason I ordered them was also so the kids could identify the backs of their pants and tops. But to no avail. P still puts his shirt on backward every single day!

  3. L, these turned out SO fantastic!!! I love them. And love the fonts too. Your handwriting is perfectly beautiful.

  4. Great idea and thank you! Re: kids not being able to tell front from back on hand made clothes - I used to stitch a cross ( or draw with a marker) on the inside of the back waistband.


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