Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How To Make Pea Pods

What you need:
  • Green flannel or felt for the pod
  • Green felt for the calyx
  • Green velcro for the stem - see the strawberry post for how to make this.
  • Some beads (completely optional)
in addition to sewing thread and polyfill.

Here's the printable pattern for the pea pods,
as well as the carrot found in this earlier post.

Step 1
  • Cut out two pod pieces.
  • Place the velcro stem between the top part of the pod pieces so that most of the stem is hidden in the pod as shown.
  • Stitch around the outline, leaving a gap of about an inch, backstitching on either sides of the gap.

Step 2
  • Turn right side out. The velcro stem will be pointing outwards.

Step 3
  • Stuff the pod with polyfill. If you want to insert beads for the added tactile experience of peas-in-the-pod, do so now. I did this for one pod, then got lazy and decided not to for the others.
  • Stitch the opening shut.

Step 4
  • Cut the calyx out of green felt and lay it over the top of the pod.

Step 5
  • Stitch the calyx around the top of the pod.

Step 6
  • Make a whole bunch of pea pods.

Step 7


  1. I love the pea pods!

    And I'm not sure I ever knew the word "calyx".

  2. I love this! It's on top of my to do list. Thank you so much. :)

  3. Thanks for a great tutorial. I live in the uk and am new to blogging but love your site, hope you don't mind but I've put it in my list of inspiring blogs, hope that's ok?

  4. I'm enjoying putting together the peapods right now. I made the carrots last night, but I added horizontal lines across them that I saw elsewhere which made them look more real to me. They're really cute! Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  5. I puttet wooden peas in


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