Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How To Make Strawberries for Picking

I must give credit to this tutorial by mr. monkeysuit
which was my starting point.

What you need:

  • 1" of green loop velcro (3/4" or 1" wide)
  • Circle of red felt, 4-5" diameter. Cut this into 2 halves.
  • Green felt, cut into shape of a calyx
  • Straw-colored embroidery floss
in addition to polyfill, red sewing thread and green
sewing thread. Here is the printable pattern for this 
strawberry and the apple from this earlier post.

Step 1
Cut the velcro into half lengthwise.

Step 2
  • Fold each half lengthwise and sew, backstitching to secure. This is the stem, although it looks more like a caterpillar in rigor mortis.

Step 3
  • Using three strands of embroidery floss, sew tiny stitches all over each red felt semicircle.
  • Each semicircle will make one strawberry.

Step 4
  • Sew the velcro stem anywhere along the curved edge of the semicircle, as shown.

Step 5
  • Fold the semicircle in half, with straight edges meeting and right sides facing.
  • Sew along the straight edge with a narrow seam allowance (I used 3mm or an eighth of an inch).

Step 6
  • Turn right side out.

Step 7
  • Thread a needle with red thread, knot the thread, and sew running stitches all along the curved edge.

Step 8
  • When you come to the bit with the velcro sewn on, sew behind the velcro so the thread makes a big stitch behind the stem as shown.
  • When you return to the knot where you began, pull the thread tight to gather the opening closed.
  • Stuff with polyfill.

  • The stitch behind the velcro stem will cause the stem to stand up but as you stitch across the opening to tighten it, loop the thread around the stem to further secure its upright position.
  • When the opening is tightly sewn closed, knot the thread and cut off the excess.

Step 9
  • Cut a small slit or "x" in the center of the green calyx shape to make a small hole.

Step 10
  • Push the calyx down over the stem so that the stem goes through the hole.

Step 11
  • Using green thread, sew a small stitch on each petal of the calyx, securing it to the strawberry. Knot the thread underneath the calyx when done, and cut off the excess.

Step 12
  • Make more strawberries


  1. "caterpillar in rigor mortis" -- L, you slay me! so funny, you are!!!

  2. Those strawberries are SO amazing! You constantly amaze me at how much detail you provide with your instructions. This whole garden series is seriously blowing me away.

  3. Thanks just on time i found this. I am going to make strewberry princess costume to my 4 years old daughter. Promise to share!

  4. realy cool i am going to make some for my 11 year old daughter who is realy into felt food

  5. Super tutorial and pattern! Thanks so much for sharing. Have just finished my first strawberry and excited to make a few more for my neice for Christmas. :)


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