Thursday, April 30, 2009

Passing on the Kindness

Many, many days ago, two very nice people put these 
nice pictures on their blog and listed me among some 
other, very cool blogs. What a lovely surprise, one, and 
two, what a lovely surprise first thing in the morning 
when, rudely awakened by needy child, I flip open the 
laptop in the nursery and see these. I'm almost certain 
the two nice people have probably forgotten about 
the awards they sent my way, so long have I sat on 
them. But I haven't - and here I am at last to pay tribute!

Thank you, MaryAnne, for this award!
I 'm going to be naughty and not pick 15 blogs to pass 
this on to. Instead I am going to pick 3 of MaryAnne's 
posts to tell everyone about. They aren't all about 
crafting, which she does incredibly well, but about 
other important things that are close to my heart 
and about which she wrote so compellingly:

Thank you also, MaryAnne for opening so many doors 
to other fascinating and clever people, whose creativity 
and general zaniness have been so inspiring.

This next one came from The Adventures of Bear, which 
is full of wonderful things to do with small kids, whom 
I seem to have lots of (small kids, that is). 
Thank you, Girl Who Painted Trees!

The naughtiness continues - 
here are 3 of my favorite Bear posts: 

1 This wonderful alphabet Alphabet book which I want to 
make soon for my youngest.
2 Lovely color collages with fun ideas on how to use them. 
I love the color names in other languages. 
3 100 books to read, and a sensible, balanced view on 
reading to kids. I don't recognize a lot of those books 
and I want to check them out!

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  1. Aw, thank you LiEr! I love the activities on "the Adventures of Bear", too!


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