Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back to Baby

This has been a week of slightly frantic sewing. The funny thing
is that it's for no one in particular. It's to replenish my stash
of baby gifts that I've been dipping into for people having
spring and summer babies. So I whittled down my fabric
stash to make a gift stash. Good reorganizing, eh?
This way my closet looks just as overstuffed as before
so I don't feel like I need to go and buy new fabric. The
sewing table looks awful with all the production, but at
least I'm saving money. Right? Mwuahahahahaha!
Oh you've got to love desperate logic.

Finished 5 more nursing covers. Not very exciting,
but it was fun sewing straight lines on big
rectangles superfast, production-line style.

Speaking of mass producing, I've succumbed to the old
bibs obsession. Spent the past few evenings cutting out
105 bibs. That's not obsessive. What's obsessive is me
. Too ashamed to take photos. We're going to the
in-laws' for the weekend so I'll have some time to cut (and
trim the corners off and count) oh, 210 small squares of velcro.

So that was the making.

I've also been dabbling in a bit of creating. Not the same
as making. Making is comfort.
Creating is hare-brained,
seat-of-my-pants thrilling. But very time-consuming.
And evocative of comments like "bonkers", "needs to see
a shrink", "how are the poor children coping?" or "my, my,
what might the state of her laundry be?". Would've liked
to have finished by now but
that seldom happens.
So here's a WIP picture:

Yes, there's pink in it. Grrrr.
So you can tell it's not for me, eh?

Back after the weekend. Have a restful one, all!


  1. I wish I could catch your mass production bug. I tend to make something once and then move on to a new project. No consistency whatsoever. And then I have my usual twenty-odd partially-finished projects that I start and then get distracted before completing...

  2. OOh, ooh, I know what the WIP is! Can't wait to see the finished!

    And your distinction between making and creating -- so spot on. Comforting vs. thrilling. It's nice to have some of both!

    105! Seriously?!? Wow! You're crazy. (And I mean that in the nicest way possible.) -wink-

  3. Hello both! Have been bad at responding to comments lately so will try and make up for it this weekend while at the in-laws' and don't have to cook!
    MA: I don't post about my twenty-odd partially-finished projects (too ashamed) but they are there on my sewing table, mocking me, too. It's so easy for me to get excited about cutting the pieces out and then realizing I've bitten off too much/many to chew.
    K: yes, am crazy. You're right. I can't keep it a secret anymore. Better for the kids that they find out now. And that WIP is haunting me, gah! Need to finish it by next week or I will waste away. Must eat food.... must get sleep.....

  4. hi there, came by through a link sent to me by lxlb. Love the pretty things you make! Am planning to sew stuff for my baby girl due in Sept but I am just so pressed for time. Seems like any spare time is spent sleeping! Pregnancy is tiring. heh

  5. 105? The most I've done at once was 25 - and I thought THAT was ridiculous heh heh.

  6. Joy: it is sad that I can't make just one of anything. Or even 50.


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