Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wallet Giveaway Email Reminder

Thank you all so much for the incredible response to the giveaway! I was all set to do a random drawing manual-style out of a hat, but it looks like I will have to use the random number generator now! I can hardly wait for Friday!

Please, please remember that I am planning to contact the winner by email, not by leaving a comment on their blog, simply because some blogs are not public-access.

So any of the following will work:
(i) type your email address within your comment. If you have already commented, please do (ii) rather than leave a second comment, to be fair to the other commenters, OK?
(ii) if you prefer that your email address not be seen by the entire online world (completely understandable), then email me directly with it, as one very smart commenter did. My email address is over at left on the sidebar. 
(iii) leave a link to your public-access blog where I can find your email address.
(iv) ensure that your blogger profile (which is where I end up if I click on your name) has your email address in it. 
(v) claim that because you are my childhood friend I already know your email address.

Thank you again, everyone!


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