Sunday, June 28, 2009

Giveaway Winner!

Happy Monday, all! Sorry this post is so late -we had one
of those breakneck-paced weekends with activities
including visiting an art festival and several parks, and
picking strawberries! We just finished making jam and
prepping the rest of the berries for freezing and shortcake
sauce. So I should really be in bed now, but I wanted to
post this tonight while the children are
out of my hair in bed.

I am pleased to announce that we have a winner
for the camera strap giveaway!

Congratulations to commentor #21 Marielle, who said,
lovely! I was just about to try out the slipcover version since
hacking up my canon strap is not an option
but I'm glad to have seen your tutorial.

I'm working on more food crafting now than sewing - jams, etc.

Seems we're all making jam! Marielle, please email me
your name and postal address so I can send the strap to you!
I've also sent an email to you to say essentially the same thing.

Again, thank you all for participating! I've enjoyed
reading all your comments and imagining all the
lovely things you're all making. I leave you now with my
Crafter's Blessing: May your sewing machines have perfect
tension, your X-acto knives never slice your finger, your
knitting needles always stay in pairs, your felting sweaters
never turn out to be acrylic, your ovens always have even
heating and your children (if any) be astonishingly able
to occupy themselves for 5 hours straight each day.


  1. Oh, I love jam making! Didn't get around to it yet this year - but am hoping that I'll make some soon. The saved jars are already piling up in the kitchen. ;-)
    Oh, and could I please have one of these kids that occupy themselves for 5 hours straight!!! PLEASE!

  2. love that prayer...5 hours straight...wouldnt that be a dream!

  3. Hello Lier! I have recently find your blog and I am already a fan... Your so talented and your girls are so cute!!! I will surely be following your future projects too. Fairy blessings


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