Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Operation Summer Hair Rescue Part 3 - How To Make A Rose Hair Tie

I didn't intend to do a third part to the summer hair
accessories series, but I found this old rose elastic thingy
among my hair accessories earlier this week and it was
one of the more formal handmade things I've worn in my hair,
so I thought I'd share it with you all. I didn't have any black
silk satin (which was what I used for the original one - thicker
than regular satin, has a more matte sheen and used in
formalwear, generally) but I found some inky-black corduroy
scraps that would do for a slightly more casual version.

Here's what you need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric - each 9" x 2.25" (the ones in the picture are far bigger than that, sorry - I was experimenting)
  • Two circular calyx-shaped pieces of green fabric - mine were about 1.75" diameter and cut with a random number of sepals (the pointy things)
  • One double-leaf shaped piece of green fabric - each of my leaves was about 1" long.
  • A long piece of elastic hair-tie, or black garter elastic- the length doesn't matter.
  • Thread and a needle
  • Craft glue.
Note: For the calyxes and the leaves, I used some synthetic suede scraps I've had for a hundred years. It reminds me of the stuff they put on billiard/pool tables, but less radioactive-colored. You could use wool felt or anything that doesn't fray.

Step 1
  • Fold one of the fabric pieces in half lengthwise, wrong sides facing.

Step 2
  • Fold down a corner of the folded edge, and then fold a bit of the short edge over that. This is the middle of the rose bud.

Step 3
  • Thread a needle, knot the thread, and sew down your fold, at the unfolded edge of the fabric strip.
  • Begin making a loose roll around the folded bit, stitching along the bottom. Of course you should use thread of a matching color, not, say, white thread on black fabric like I did. My weird thread color choice is purely for visibility in the photos.

  • The top of the rose bud should be loose and irregular. It is the bottom of the rose bud that will be tightly gathered. So like this:

Not like this:
This is not a rose bud - this is sushi.
Which is what you will get if you roll too tightly.
So try not to.

Step 4
  • When you get to the end of the strip, tuck the short edge inwards and fold it down towards the bottom of the rose bud and stitch.

Set aside.

Step 5
  • Made two small slits about 1.4" apart in the center of one calyx.
  • Slip the double-leaf through the slit, right sides of leaf and calyx facing.

Step 6
  • Locate the middle of the length of elastic.
  • Slip the elastic through the loop on top of the leaf and position the calyx-leaf at the mid-point of the elastic.
  • Glue to secure.

Step 7
  • Flip the calyx-leaf-elastic assembly over, and spread glue on the wrong side of the calyx.
  • Place rose bud centrally on the calyx and wrap the sepals (the petals of the calyx) around the bottom of the rose bud. Hold for a few seconds to let glue dry.

Step 8
  • Make another rosebud from the other strip of fabric.

Step 9
  • Make another pair of slits in the other calyx.
  • Thread the elastic through the calyx and tie both ends of the elastic together in a knot.
  • Position the calyx as close to the knot as possible.
  • You can also tuck the ends of the knot through the loop and onto the wrong side of the calyx:


Tie a ponytail!
I've mostly used mine at the end of a french braid.

If you are younger than 20, you may also wear it on
your wrist when not in use, a la prom night.

This is a variation in Thai silk.
I love the two-toned sheen of Thai silk.
You can also make two smaller, separate elastic ties

or combine them

to achieve the same effect.

Happy tying!

OK, I am really done with the hair things now. Really.
I have lots of pictures of clothes to post over
the next few days, so drop by again soon!


  1. So fun. And yes, that Thai silk is incredible. Love the colors within it!

    P.S. I should maybe write this on the five stones post, but can't be bothered to find it right now. A friend was over tonight with her daughter; they asked about the five stones they saw on my kitchen counter and instantly the daughter was hooked. Well, the mom wanted to try her hand at it a few times too. So now I've added "make multiple sets of five stones" to my list of stuff to do before we leave for the weekend...

  2. Oh wow! But lovely girly things to have. Sadly, I just gave my hair a nice good trim after I came back. Too hot! Good that I won't be tempted by any of your pretty hair stuff. But would you please make some of these for Adele when her hair grows out? :) In a year or two?


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