Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Here are my 105 bibs - actually 102, since 3 are in my 
completed-and-ready-to-give-away stash. Come now, 
they certainly look fewer than that, right? Rationalize 
your own obsession here, thanks to this 


  1. No, that does not look like over 100 bibs. I so agree with the obsession. Thanks for the link

  2. Hi! I know you don't know me, but I just spent most of my children's nap time looking through your blog in utter amazement. You are unbelievably talented and I just wanted to tell you so. Thank you for so much inspiration!

  3. uh? 105 is obsessive, meh?


    Love your favicon *wink*

  4. It doesn't look like 105 bibs to me, and it's a very productive obsession :)

    What I really want to know is, how do you get so much sewing done with three little girls?

  5. Yes, one can never have enough of good things. Lay them out & take another picture of all of them! I like the print of the one you have on top - birds & flowers. 105? Do Math with the kids! Sort them into groups of 5, match them, do patterns, classify by colors, count them. Yipee! You can teach them to count to 105.

  6. Bit of clarification here: In case anyone has keeled over from shock, the 105 bibs (102, actually) are not sewn yet. They're just cut out. The ones on the top are partly-sewn, which is why you can see the right side of the fabric. The ones in the stack are waiting (fruitlessly, at this point) to become useful bibs. They have a long wait, sadly because, as MaryAnne so cleverly observed, a person cannot get very much sewing done with three little girls. I like to believe I do, though.

  7. Still ... even to cut all of them ... WOW!!!
    But what are you going to do with more than 100 bibs?


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