Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Clothes?

Went shopping today for fall clothes for Emily. School has begun and she needs a new wardrobe of non-shorts, non-skorts, non-Tshirts that will take her through the cold months. There are times when I'm in the stores and ask myself, "They're only charging $8 for this? Why do I even bother to sew? The fabric alone will probably cost more." Today, though, the selection was uninspiring. The dresses, especially. So I might have to put Chicken aside for some jumpers and fall-type outfits sooner than I had intended. At least before Halloween, when the real clothes-making begins.


  1. That's why I buy most of our clothes instead of making them...they are really less expensive than to invest time (which I do not have) in making. Only special occasion outfits get my label...which also see very little wear. Hmm... maybe I should rethink my rationale :)

    In any case, being the youngest among the extended family means Nikhita is dressed in hand-me-downs 90% of the time!

  2. Hand-me-downs are wonderful! We survive on them! Clearly we sew for the fun of it, and not for the need, really. Now if only I was as motivated to sew for me. It's all about fit and drape, so must carefully plan. There is this bias-cut linen blouse from BR (Banana Republic) that has to be my very favorite that I want to make a copy of. No darts and the slimming-est blouse in my closet. No darts! It's so worn out now. Bias cut clothes are incredible. OK, I've rambled on enough. Must stop.

  3. You HAVE to sew some clothes because we/you HAVE to SEW! (It's a compulsion isn't it?) And what FUN we all have looking back at those clothes 20 years from now. My mom sewed all my clothes and I think she's awesome.

  4. I hear ya!! Once the cold months set in, you've got to factor in SLEEVES! More fabric to buy (sleeves almost double the yardage) and then all the time getting the sleeves set in just right. My rule for this winter is sleeveless jumpers that can be worn over long- or short-sleeved tees, and worn sans tee in the spring.

  5. I'm very curious about this Chicken...

    Sewn clothing does tend to be cuter than the $8 shop variety, in my opinion. And you are so right about the loveliness of bias-cut clothes!

    Emma has a full fall wardrobe that she got as hand-me-downs from a couple of friends, but my task is to convince her that it's a good idea to wear clothing other than t-shirts and shorts now that the weather is cold. She keeps telling me that she'll wear tights/pants in exchange for candy, but I'm holding out in hopes that the cold will knock some sense into her before it gets so cold that I do resort to her suggested bribery tactics...

  6. Oh, I relate to this so much! Not living in the US, we don't have much access to the clothing there (which does tend to be pretty inexpensive), so I've been outfitting the children in a lot of handmedowns, and saving things I make (or want to make) for special items. But it's a bit mindboggling how expensive fabric and yarn can be, sigh.....


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