Monday, September 28, 2009


For the faithful, patient, wonderful readers of this blog who have been crying fowl:

I promise- I am not doing this to tease you. This is really as far as I've gotten with Chicken. Honest. Sewing has been very slow-going the past few days. Also am at a minor impasse because I am needing (but not finding) a small rectangle (like 5" x 1") of rust colored fabric in knit. The fabric stores have not been helpful. So as of tonight I will do without it and (ick) improvise.

Went shopping in Target for more fall clothes for the children. And shoes. "You can't sew tennis shoes and you know it", was how I made peace with myself.


  1. Crying FOWL?!? A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    Thanks for the update -- I don't even mind that it's a tease...

    ooh, was thinking if I had any rust knit to send you - none in fabric stash, then thought of wardrobe. None there either, but gave me an idea: next time you need a knit in hard to find color, perhaps check at a thrift store/op shop for a T-shirt of that hue...

  2. My current project (OK, one of them) is at a standstill because I can't find suitable red fleece! Who knew it would be so hard to come by? Plenty of orange-y red to be had but nothing that is just red. Off to check another source today.


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