Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Random Birthday Sewing

Taking a break from all the Hello Kitty crafting to post
an eclectic collection of backlogged photos of birthday
gifts made over the past month.

Two more wallets

The blue one has gone to live with a friend in Singapore.

The brown one - which I made simply because I
hardly ever make
a single wallet at a time- is in the shop.

A clone of Eddie

and his orange swimming trunks (get it? Trunk? Elephant?
Ha ha! Oh dear, I've been awake too long)

who went to a friend in London,
where he was renamed Emerson.

That bag for mum, which is finally in her possession

and a princess/ballerina dress-up set for one of Emily's
friends. Wanted to do the ballet shoes as well but
surrendered to the onslaught of Hello Kitties.

I also want to go on record that I am a Mod Podge
convert. Specifically, I am a new devotee of sparkle
Mod Podge, which transforms regular earthy wooden
dowels into shimmery magical princessy watchamacallits.

These wand sticks were painted with acrylic paint,
then a coat or two of of the sparkle Mod Podge and
then a coat or two of polyurethane varnish. Thank you,
Katie, for the non-poisonous varnish recommendation!

We are getting very excited about the party. The worst of
the preparation, though, is still to come - no, not the cake.
I'm talking about cleaning the house (hard enough) and
trying to
keep it neat until the guests come (near impossible).


  1. Oh, I know what you mean with "cleaning the house"! I love visitors - hate cleaning! Have not yet figured out a good alternative ... Especially hate cleaning when I know the cleaned look is gonna last for about ... well, maybe half an hour ... if I am lucky! (Definitely will never last until the visitors actually arrive!) Usually my daughter starts unpacking all her toys as soon as I start tidying up her room ... Must be some weird law behind it or something "Mommy tidies - go get everything out and "save" it from being put away" or seomthing along that line ... *sigh*

  2. That sparkle mod podge is lovely! hmm... what do I need to sparkilize?

  3. i need to make some of those wands. Santa is bringing a dress up trunk this year & wands would be fantastic. off to scout for a tutorial.


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