Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dressing Up Links

Two weeks to Halloween and the girls' costumes are still unfinished. And by "unfinished" I mean "still in the form of pristine, uncut fabric, folded in the original plastic bags from the fabric store". Since we're skirting the issue (ha ha ha!) I thought I'd tell you about dressing up, as done by some other, very talented people.

allsorts has a delightful collection of online paper dolls to dress up. We first discovered Jenny's site last year when she posted her 13 Nights To Halloween.

Emily loved dressing Zoe in a different halloween outfit each day. She still requests this little online activity from time to time now. Jenny's illustrations are fabulous.

Next, we found this
very cute printable paper doll from babalisme via ohdeedoh this morning and printed it out. Emily is still partway through playing with her - we were distracted by a walk outdoors in (finally) superb fall weather.

Finally, here is a very, very belated thank you to Meaghan at The Decorated Cookie for hosting a giveaway which I won (shocking - I still don't believe it) some weeks ago: Emily gets this for Christmas, so she has no idea this is waiting in our basement closet for her. It is an enthralling book, with so much possibility for creativity. I'm trying to talk myself out of giving it to her, because from what I've seen in its pages, I want to keep it for me.

Thank you, Jenny, Babalisme and Meaghan!

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  1. Thanks for the links, and congrats on the giveaway win! Maybe Emily will let you borrow it sometimes? ;)


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