Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Lanterns

So we've been sick with the flu this week. Very unpleasant.
Finally we got to a point where we were too well to be
on sofas but still too sick to be dressing
up and having tea parties.

So we did crafts.

Here are some simple paper lanterns we made in

Halloween/fall colors just because.

The photos aren't very exciting and my brain was too

dulled to even think of close-ups. We made two kinds
of lanterns. The first kind were just simple tubes - either
cylindrical or square in cross-section, and layered with a
contrasting color of paper on the outside. The kids cut
fancy edges with my fancy-edge scissors and went
crazy with the hole punchers.

The second kind was made with slits cut into an outer layer
which was then stuck onto an inner tube (black) that was shorter
so the slit part popped out. We used the regular 9" x 12" sheets
of construction paper. We cut the black into three equal strips
3" x 12". We cut the orange into two equal strips 4.5" x 12". On
the orange strips, we marked out a 0.75" band on either edge,
and cut vertical strips about 0.75" apart in the region between
those outer bands. Then we put glue on those outer bands lined
them up with the long edges of a black strip and stuck them on
so the middle region of cut slits popped out.

Here's our materials list:
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Craft knife
  • String
  • Construction Paper (black, yellow, orange).


  1. Very nice your lhalloween lanterns.

  2. We're having a Halloween party tomorrow and these lanterns look just the job! Faster and easier than pumpkin carving. We are also making the costumes during the party as the craft activity ... which is an idea I skanked (english term meaning "plagiarism that won't get you sent down from university") from your awesome Hello Kitty party.

  3. Lovely lanterns. I wonder if there's any chance I can convince my sick children that this is just as cool as trick or treating?

  4. i remember making these as a child. I think this year I'll need to make some, our front porch would look wonderful with them.....

  5. I love this simple idea. Thank you for sharing.


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